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I Was Injured And Can’t Work. How Can I Afford To Pay A Lawyer To Sue For My Injuries?

If you have suffered a serious personal injury in New Orleans and need a personal injury attorney, you do not pay your lawyer in the same manner as you would when hiring a lawyer for other purposes.

Most people are used to hiring a lawyer to help in a real estate transaction or prepare a will. In those situations, you will usually pay the attorney an agreed upon fee for this work, and the lawyer may want at least part of this fee before beginning work.

Personal injury attorneys, however, usually do not receive any money up front from the injured party before beginning to work on the case. Instead, once the case is finished, the personal injury attorney receives a previously agreed upon percentage of the damages awarded to the injured person.

The idea behind this payment method is that, because the attorney does not get paid if he or she is not successful, that attorney has greater incentive to work hard and obtain the best result possible for his or her client.

This is good news if you have suffered a serious personal injury and feel you cannot afford a lawyer. In a personal injury case, your lawyer does not get paid until you do — you do not have to worry about coming up with any money to begin pursuing compensation for your injuries.

If you need assistance with a personal injury matter in New Orleans and have questions, please feel free to contact us at 504-581-6411 or 877-581-6411. We would be happy to help you.