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How Is The Value Of A Personal Injury Determined?

When a New Orleans resident suffers a life-changing personal injury, it may seem impossible to place a dollar value on it. In the case of serious injuries, no amount of financial compensation can return that person’s life to normal.

Nonetheless, in personal injury cases, both insurance providers and lawyers must attempt to determine a fair value for the injury suffered.

Some damages, such as the costs associated with prior medical treatment and loss of income, are easy to calculate. Others, such as the value of pain and suffering, can be extremely difficult to place a dollar amount on.

In addition, factors such as potential future medical costs, if extensive treatment is still required, may also influence the determination of the total amount awarded in a personal injury case.

Properly determining these latter, more subjective damages requires a personal injury attorney with the experience to understand all the factors in a given case.

Several variables, such as the age of the injured person and how long they will have to live with the injury, prior health, and the likelihood of future recovery to full health need to be considered when deciding how much to pursue in damages.

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