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How Can A Jury Determine My Future Economic Losses?

For most New Orleans personal injury lawsuits, the damages associated with past medical expenses and lost wages are easily calculated and presented to a jury. Determining past economic losses is simply a matter of obtaining all of the relevant numbers and adding them up. But what about individuals who still require medical treatment or have not been able to fully return to work at the time of trial? In most cases, these individuals are entitled to pursue compensation for their future economic losses. This value, however, is much more difficult to accurately determine.

If you suffer an injury that results in long term or permanent disability, your future economic losses can be extremely high. As a result, the value of the loss in such cases usually will be hotly contested by the parties. While past economic losses are simply a matter of math, setting a value for future economic losses requires a jury to reach conclusions regarding issues such as whether you will ever be able to return to the workforce, and what future medical treatment will be necessary.

To provide a jury with a full understanding of your future economic losses, your personal injury attorney is likely to require the services of one or more experts who can present the relevant information to a jury. These experts may include medical providers who can verify the need for – and extent of – future treatment. They may also include accountants who can provide guidance regarding issues such as lost income and the effect of inflation on future expenses. Your personal injury attorney may also wish to employ a life care planner who has been professionally trained to determine your future needs and project the expenses involved.

An experienced personal injury attorney will seek full compensation for all of your damages, both past and future. If you have suffered a personal injury and have any questions, please feel free to call us. We can be reached at 504-581-6411 or 855-GERTLER.