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What Does The Term Class Action Lawsuit Mean?

When someone in New Orleans suffers a personal injury from a product used nationwide, they may not have to proceed alone.  When enough people have been injured by the actions of a company, they may be able to make a claim for damages as a group.  This is referred to as a class action lawsuit.

In the area of personal injury or wrongful death, examples of class action lawsuits include cases against pharmaceutical companies for drugs with dangerous side effects and cases against tobacco companies for cessation assistance.  These lawsuits involve people from different parts of the country who have suffered injury as a result of the same action by the company or companies.  Their lawsuits are joined together to avoid courts around the country having to hear hundreds or even thousands of cases involving largely the same issues.

It is important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been injured and could potentially become a party to a class action lawsuit.  In some cases, the option of suing individually may be available, and a determination should be made regarding what is the best option for you before proceeding.  

If you join a class action lawsuit, you will usually have to sign papers forfeiting the right to sue the company as an individual.  If monetary damages are awarded, all of the individuals usually do not receive equal compensation.  Instead, those who suffered more harm will receive greater compensation than those who suffered less harm.

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