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How Can You Tell If Someone Has A Traumatic Brain Injury?

Not all brain injuries are caused by striking the head during an accident.  Many New Orleans personal injury accidents result in brain injuries even though there is no physical impact to the victim’s head during the accident.  These brain injuries occur because the head of the victim is rapidly jerked during a violent collision.

Because an actual impact with the head is not necessary for brain injury to occur, anyone who has been involved in a collision should be on the lookout for the symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Unfortunately, spotting TBI is not always as easy as it sounds.  While some possible symptoms – such as vertigo, seizures, muscle spasms, and lack of strength or coordination in the extremities – may be readily apparent, other potential symptoms take many different forms and can be very subtle.

These more difficult to detect symptoms can include memory loss, headaches, dizziness, difficulty with concentration, changes in speech (such as slowing or slurring of words), changes in behavior, and unexplained changes of mood.

Also, detection can be complicated because these symptoms do not always appear immediately after an accident.  As a result, a trained physician should be consulted if you, or someone you know, had been in an accident and begins to experience these types of symptoms – even if they do not appear right away.

If you have a family member that has suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 504-581-6411 or 855-GERTLER.  We would be happy to help you.