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How Will The Financial Value of My Injuries Be Determined In A Lawsuit In New Orleans?

Determining the value of injuries in a New Orleans personal injury lawsuit can be very difficult for the parties involved.  This is especially true in the case of serious and permanent injuries, where no amount of financial compensation can return the injured person’s life to normal.

When determining the value of a personal injury, some damages – such as the costs associated with prior medical treatment and loss of income – are easy to calculate.  Others, such as the value of pain and suffering, are very subjective and can be extremely difficult to place a dollar amount on.

Matters can become even more complicated if an injury is long term or permanent.  In such cases, you must consider potential future medical costs and future lost wages and attach a dollar value to them.  While it may be possible to accurately project some of the future expenses, proving them is obviously not as easy as proving losses that have already occurred.

Properly determining these latter, more subjective, damages requires an experienced personal injury attorney who understands all the factors in a given case.  Several variables, such as the age of the injured person and how long they will have to live with the injury, the injured person’s prior health, and the likelihood of future recovery need to be considered when deciding how much to pursue in damages.

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